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VOZZ Helmets Receives First Stock Delivery

Today (Tuesday, 11th April 2017), VOZZ Helmets received its first delivery of ECE certified RS 1.0 helmets. The arrival of this shipment marks a milestone in the company’s development, and sets the stage for increased distribution in 2017.

Following the official VOZZ Helmets brand press launch on 16th December 2015, the VOZZ RS 1.0 helmet has undergone significant refinement to its design.

Production of the RS 1.0 was paused on 1st May 2016, to allow for a range of product improvements. This included; a new and improved comfort lining, aerodynamic foils added to both locking covers on each side of the helmet, and superior rubber compounds replacing the helmet’s existing rubber compounds – improving seal and minimizing extraneous wind noise.

ECE certified RS 1.0 helmets are now available in Australia in all sizes and colours, from official VOZZ Helmets retailers, and online via the VOZZ Helmets online shop.

VOZZ Helmets offers an innovative rear-access hinged helmet design that clicks together, instead of fastening with a conventional D-ring motorcycle helmet mechanism.