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Safe Helmet Removal in the Case of Emergency

Safe Helmet Removal in the Case of Emergency

Thursday, October 27, 2016

The VOZZ Helmet is a full face, rear access, dual locking motorcycle helmet. IT DOES NOT HAVE A CHIN STRAP. The internal mechanics are known as the Voztec System. This Helmet has an emergency release system and a fully adjustable chip cup. The Safety Release System (S.R.S) has been developed to assist medical staff in the case of an emergency. This allows for a quick and safer removal of the helmet, enabling access to the rider’s head without physically cutting off the helmet.

In the event of an emergency, first responders can gain full access to a downed riders face by opening the front shell.

  • 1.Carefully open the visor
  • 2.Depress both red locking buttons of either side of the helmet.
  • 3.Release the riders chin from the concealed chin cup.
  • 4.Support the rear shell and gently roll the helmet in a backward motion.
  • 5.You now have full access to the downed rider’s head and neck.

Please watch the Emergency Helmet Opening Procedure

The S.R.S is positioned at either end of the hinge pin at the crown of the helmet. By removing these pins, medical personnel are able to separate the front shell from the back with minimal movement to the users’ head.

To remove the front shell from rear shell you will require a flat head screwdriver.

  • 1.Patient positioned on their back, support the helmet.
  • 2.Remove the rubber plugs with the screwdriver to expose the screws.
  • 3.Remove screws on either side in an anti-clockwise direction. This will make the hinge disengage.
  • 4.Release the lower locks the red buttons in an upward direction. If the lock has been damaged, remove the two screws located at either side of the locks.
  • 5.Slowly roll the helmet in a forward and down direction (do not lift) from the hinged area. This frees the jaw from the chin cup before removal.
  • 6.Once the jaw is free, completely remove the front shell. The rear shell will remain to support the head and neck.
  • 7.You will now have full access to the patient.

There is a QR code under the locks of the helmet that can take first responders or emergency personnel through the removal process, with or without a screwdriver.

Please watch the Emergency Helmet Removal

For any questions, please contact VOZZ Helmets +61 2 8068 9642


RS1.0 Update

RS1.0 Update

Monday, August 01, 2016


The majority of VOZZ wearers love the lid and have been the source of some great feedback on function and performance. Based on this feedback, we responded by instructing the manufacturer to make some changes to the RS1.0. These functional improvements have had a positive impact on performance, however, changes to tooling for the next round of orders has meant our production schedule is now some 4 months behind our plan. Naturally we are not pleased with the delays but there is little we can do to improve the factory’s timelines.

The modifications include; a new improved comfort lining, foils either side on both locking covers, superior rubber compounds, improving seal and extraneous wind noise.  Based on this we have also been able to complete our wind-tunnel testing and our data is currently being complied.

We know you are eagerly waiting for stock to come in, however here at VOZZ we want our customers to get the highest quality product. In the end, we want to be confident you are receiving the best product we can produce.

We have used this “production pause” to continue to refine and finalise who will distribute and stock our helmets internationally. We will be announcing international distributors and dealers in the next 6 weeks on our Website and Facebook page. The RS1.0 will be available from late 2016.

We want to offer you the VOZZ experience so please understand some of our rollout challenges. Rest assured we will keep you advised where and when you can get fitted for a VOZZ Helmet.

If you have an questions please email

Thank you,

Your VOZZ team.



Good Design Award

Good Design Award

Monday, June 20, 2016

VOZZ Helmets was recently awarded a Good Design Award for Product Design in the Sport and Lifestyle Category 2016. Australia’s Good Design Awards (GDA) were established in the 1950s and are Australia’s longest standing national design award and promotion program. GDA focuses on raising the standard of design and innovation in Australia.

The Good Design Awards Ceremony was held at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Sydney, on the launch of Vivid Sydney 2016. We entered with our first model the RS1.0.

The RS1.0 is a motorcycle helmet with enhanced safety and comfort features. Unlike regular pull on/pull off helmets, the VOZZ Helmet is a full face, rear access, dual-locking helmet incorporated with the Voztec System. The helmet is the only commercially available full-face helmet without a chinstrap, instead having and adjustable chin cup.

The absence of a chinstrap has allowed us to design a helmet with a rolled lower edge which helps to give the its unique look. Set to be an icon in the industry, the VOZZ RS1.0 was certainly a talking piece on the night.

Congratulations to Mark and John on a significant achievement to the company’s short history.

We are very pleased of our achievement and very thankful for everyone who has contributed, and supported us throughout the process of creating the VOZZ Helmet, and making our innovation come to life.

Australian Company Revolutionises Helmet Technology

Australian Company Revolutionises Helmet Technology

Monday, March 14, 2016

VOZZ Helmets are hinged, providing rear access, removing the chinstrap, adding safety, comfort and convenience

After a decade of research and development, Voztec Helmets Pty Ltd is excited to announce the limited release of their revolutionary motorcycling helmet.

VOZZ Helmets are industry certified and approved for use on motorcycles in Australia, New Zealand, Europe (ECE) and North America (DOT).

“Our company’s rationale is a simple one. We create and deliver innovative helmets that increase the comfort, safety and performance of people in high-risk activities,” explains Mark Bryant, Managing Director of VOZZ Helmets.

When fitted, the helmet appears like any other stylish high-performance product. The difference is that the helmet has a hinge on the back, allowing the rider to quickly insert their head and snap the helmet closed at the back. This new design eliminates the chinstrap while adding extra chin protection, greater head movement for the rider and a snug shell without the need to heave your head through the padding.

Locally designed in Australia, the helmet is a tri-composite construction that delivers a ride with no buffeting, no chin strap, no vision impairment, no neck compression and no neck restriction issues. Mr Bryant claims “We believe it is close to the perfect bike helmet and we quite literally believe we will make the traditional pull on, pull off helmet extinct.”

The Australian based team is not limiting its research and development to motorcycling helmets. “Our design does not compromise the safety of the helmet, in fact it adds safety features, while eliminating the tiresome and often uncomfortable task of fitting them. We are working to bring our innovation to all corners of the helmet industry,” states Mr. Bryant.

Launched in December 2015, the VOZZ motorcycling helmets are already attracting global interest from bike enthusiasts, stockists and fleet managers. “Our safety certifications remove the need for conversations regarding protection and so we’ve begun engaging in a new dialogue with people and organisations looking at the benefits the hinge fitment provides. Interestingly we’ve had a number of expressions of interest from police forces looking for a helmet that allows speedy fitment and removal,” explained Mr. Bryant.

VOZZ Helmets (Australian and New Zealand certified) are available on a limited release from the VOZZ website with globally certified stock releasing in June 2016.

About VOZZ Helmets

Voztec Helmets Pty Ltd, the company behind VOZZ Helmets, is based in Sydney, Australia.

Voztec System

The mechanics of the helmet are globally patented and referred to as the Voztec System. It has an emergency safety release system and a fully adjustable chin cup that does away with the old-fashioned chinstrap. These features increase safety by providing medical personnel improved access in case of an accident and allows the lower edge of the helmet to be rolled, thus producing a helmet with far fewer snag points.

The Voztec system can be implemented in any helmet for high-risk activities.

Where to get one:

The helmets are priced at AUD$888 (incl. GST) (about $650 USD) which also includes a helmet bag and additional tinted visor (80% tint).

European (ECE) and North American (DOT) stock and dealer locations will be announced in the coming weeks.

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