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VOZZ RS 1 . 0



VOZZ 1.0

VOZZ RS 1.0 Helmet

Directional Visor Stability (DVS)

DVS or Directional Visor Stability is achieved by providing a 3-point locking system once the helmet is in a closed position. Once the helmet is secured to the head and the chin cup is fully adjusted to the user's jaw length, the helmets visor port remains in a static position and cannot shift whilst riding at high speeds due to the close fit. The aerodynamic lower edge guards against buffeting and also prevents wind entering under the lower edge and lifting the helmet in an upward motion.

Production Quality

All Vozz Helmets are manufactured under strict protocols to ensure the quality meets the technology. Vozz has partnered with an International Composite Helmet Manufacturer who is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer. Vozz helmets are subject to strict QA guidelines prior to completion ensuring the best possible quality available in a composite helmet globally.

Safety Release System

Vozz S.R.S. or Safety Release System has been developed to assist medical staff with a quick and safer removal of the helmet and to enable access to the users head in the event of an accident. This will be very useful in remote situations where a hospital is some distance away. This is a first for paramedics and will provide a safer alternative of helmet removal within a matter of minutes, without having to cut the helmet off the users head if required.

Sizing and Fitting

Vozz has developed multiple shell sizes and also EPS liners to ensure the best possible fit to the end user. With a combination of 3 shell sizes and 3 EPS liners and multiple comfort liners the fit will be second to none. Now you will have a helmet that actually fits your head size rather than different thickness of comfort padding being used to ensure a correct fit.

Inside a Vozz Helmet

Inside a Vozz helmet you will find a world of difference from the conventional pull on, pull off, full-face helmets. The first difference you will notice is the fit, the Vozz helmet fits like a glove, as you slide your face into the opening and secure by way of a fully adjustable chin cup, which is a “Set and Forget Retention System”. Once the helmet is closed and secured to the head the fit is ultra comfortable with no chinstrap required to fasten the helmet to the head. You will also find a multi density EPS liner, with ultra low-density areas to improve impact results. Additional benefits include no ear folding due to sliding into the helmet rather than pulling down on your head.


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