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Helmet 28 UK Press Release

Helmet 28 UK Press Release

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Manchester based automotive distribution company Helmet 28 LTD have won the contract for sole UK distribution of the revolutionary VOZZ Helmet.

Helmet 28 see the acquisition of VOZZ Helmets UK Distribution to their growing product line as a huge step in cementing their place as a serious force in the industry. George Richardson, Managing Director of Helmet 28, says, “The last few years have seen us move from strength to strength, and now with the addition of VOZZ we feel it cements our position as one of the fastest growing Automotive Distributors across Europe. VOZZ is the first helmet in our product line and we couldn’t have asked for a better fit. VOZZ and Helmet 28 share a huge amount in terms of our outlook and values; we are both looking at the industry and thinking how we can shake things up for the better!”

The two-part VOZZ Helmet combines safety, comfort and performance in a radical way using it’s patented Safety Release System (SRS). The VOZZ Helmet opens from the top, splitting along a hinge allowing you to fit the helmet onto your head instead of over it, removing the need for a chinstrap.

So what makes the VOZZ Helmet so special?

VOZZ Helmets close onto the head bringing a host of phenomenal benefits. The first of which is the huge safety improvements; being a two-part helmet VOZZ allows downed riders to receive medical attention at the scene of the accident by seamlessly opening the front section of the helmet, all whilst the back portion stays attached supporting the rider’s head and neck. The SRS can be operated by clicking two small red buttons on either side of the helmet, with each helmet also featuring a QR code with instructions for passersby with a smart phone on exactly how to do so safely.

The VOZZ Helmet brings a huge advance to helmet comfort for the obvious reason that it no longer needs to be squeezed over the top and widest part of your head, resulting in folded ears, hair in the face and a never-ending nightmare for glasses wearers. The VOZZ helmet has a unique chin cup system that allows for the chin bar to be moved backwards or forwards in small increments. This can be manually edited to fit the needs of each rider, giving each of the standard 6 helmet sizes another degree level of adjustability to suit the needs of the individual rider. This incredible fitting results in a helmet with no heavy spots or pressure points, rather a helmet that rests equally across the entire head, meaning it will be the only helmet that you need to try on in the shop.

VOZZ Helmets meet ECE and DOT standards and come with an 80% tinted approved visor as standard with carry bag and instruction Manual.

George Richardson goes on to say; “We first became aware of the VOZZ Helmet about a year ago, I knew immediately it was a product that was going to be game changing, and more importantly that we would best placed to represent VOZZ here in the competitive UK Motorcycle market.”

“With this we immediately reached out to VOZZ and put our case forward, Helmet 28 offers a range of specific services that’s required to build a brand and change consumer behavior’s and perceptions of innovative products.”

“We truly believe we are looking at the next big innovation in the Motorcycle industry that will make an impact comparable to that of Dyson or Apple in the coming years. Not only the product but in the way its sold. We are situated in the market perfectly and I’m hugely excited”

Helmet 28 will also be undertaking a series of ‘Try Before You Buy’ ride out days, allowing riders to road test the VOZZ helmet. The first of which is scheduled to take place in London in July.

Helmet 28 will be releasing further product information, details on stockists and a ‘Try Before You Buy’ event calendar in the coming weeks. Direct orders can be taken subject to a fitting from 17th July 2017.

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VOZZ Helmets Receives First Stock Delivery

VOZZ Helmets Receives First Stock Delivery

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Today (Tuesday, 11th April 2017), VOZZ Helmets received its first delivery of ECE certified RS 1.0 helmets. The arrival of this shipment marks a milestone in the company’s development, and sets the stage for increased distribution in 2017.

Following the official VOZZ Helmets brand press launch on 16th December 2015, the VOZZ RS 1.0 helmet has undergone significant refinement to its design.

Production of the RS 1.0 was paused on 1st May 2016, to allow for a range of product improvements. This included; a new and improved comfort lining, aerodynamic foils added to both locking covers on each side of the helmet, and superior rubber compounds replacing the helmet’s existing rubber compounds – improving seal and minimizing extraneous wind noise.

ECE certified RS 1.0 helmets are now available in Australia in all sizes and colours, from official VOZZ Helmets retailers, and online via the VOZZ Helmets online shop.

VOZZ Helmets offers an innovative rear-access hinged helmet design that clicks together, instead of fastening with a conventional D-ring motorcycle helmet mechanism.

VOZZ Helmets - Swiss Moto 2017

VOZZ Helmets - Swiss Moto 2017

Monday, March 06, 2017

It was an absolute pleasure, attending the four-day Swiss-Moto exhibition (Zürich), in February. We had a chance to show our RS 1.0 helmet to a great number of exhibition attendees. Here's a short wrap-up video from the event!



Canada MotoGuide Review

Canada MotoGuide Review

Friday, February 24, 2017

Safe Helmet Removal in the Case of Emergency

Safe Helmet Removal in the Case of Emergency

Thursday, October 27, 2016

The VOZZ Helmet is a full face, rear access, dual locking motorcycle helmet. IT DOES NOT HAVE A CHIN STRAP. The internal mechanics are known as the Voztec System. This Helmet has an emergency release system and a fully adjustable chip cup. The Safety Release System (S.R.S) has been developed to assist medical staff in the case of an emergency. This allows for a quick and safer removal of the helmet, enabling access to the rider’s head without physically cutting off the helmet.

In the event of an emergency, first responders can gain full access to a downed riders face by opening the front shell.

  • 1.Carefully open the visor
  • 2.Depress both red locking buttons of either side of the helmet.
  • 3.Release the riders chin from the concealed chin cup.
  • 4.Support the rear shell and gently roll the helmet in a backward motion.
  • 5.You now have full access to the downed rider’s head and neck.

Please watch the Emergency Helmet Opening Procedure

The S.R.S is positioned at either end of the hinge pin at the crown of the helmet. By removing these pins, medical personnel are able to separate the front shell from the back with minimal movement to the users’ head.

To remove the front shell from rear shell you will require a flat head screwdriver.

  • 1.Patient positioned on their back, support the helmet.
  • 2.Remove the rubber plugs with the screwdriver to expose the screws.
  • 3.Remove screws on either side in an anti-clockwise direction. This will make the hinge disengage.
  • 4.Release the lower locks the red buttons in an upward direction. If the lock has been damaged, remove the two screws located at either side of the locks.
  • 5.Slowly roll the helmet in a forward and down direction (do not lift) from the hinged area. This frees the jaw from the chin cup before removal.
  • 6.Once the jaw is free, completely remove the front shell. The rear shell will remain to support the head and neck.
  • 7.You will now have full access to the patient.

There is a QR code under the locks of the helmet that can take first responders or emergency personnel through the removal process, with or without a screwdriver.

Please watch the Emergency Helmet Removal

For any questions, please contact VOZZ Helmets +61 2 8068 9642